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Beach is the best place for R&R

Posted by LifeApps, Inc. on Apr 20th, 2012
Beaches may be the best places for physical and mental rejuvenation, a new study suggests. While communing with nature is beneficial in general, British researchers looked at data from 2,750 English people participating in the two-year Natural England study, an exploration of people’s engagement with the natural environment. They found that any exposure t…Read more

Banish negative thoughts quickly

Posted by Staff Writer on Apr 11th, 2012
Every sports enthusiast knows that negative thoughts can mess up your game faster than anything. But it's important to rid your mind of negative thoughts for another reasons -- especially if you're in a slump and negative thinking has become frequent. New research shows that a lot of negative thinking can lead to depression. Researchers at Case Western Rese…Read more

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