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Trainers need to brush up on nutrition

Apr 11th, 2012
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It's not enough nowadays for trainers to focus purely on workouts. They should also be able to discuss their client's nutrition needs, experts advised at the recent meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine's annual Health & Fitness Summit and Exposition in Las Vegas.

"Although trainers may not be registered dietitians or have formal training or education in nutrition, they are in the trenches," said Kristine Clark, an assistant professor of nutritional sciences and director of sports nutrition at Penn State University. "They are on the front lines and they are the people who can make a difference in this war on obesity and nutrition confusion."

Four nutritional concepts that trainers should understand include:

  •         The need for balancing food groups, proper portion size and appropriate levels of macronutrients.
  •         Key nutrients and specific foods that meet various needs.
  •         The importance of good nutrition and adequate fueling before, during and after exercise.
  •         How diet and exercise impacts health, quality of life and aging.